I was @Lode on the old bird site... Time for a fresh start in the .

Started first with Pleroma, trying out microblog.pub now. It also looks like I accidentally removed my followers again. Sorry about that.

@gruber@mastodon.social Re: your idea of Apple licensing AirTag tech for cars: they already do this, remember? Vanmoof bikes have Find My built in: https://www.vanmoof.com/blog/en/find-my-bike - https://daringfireball.net/linked/2021/04/07/find-my-third-party-products

Another drone shot as a test post while I figure some things out.

The past few days almost feel like spring. Looking forward to take out my drone again soon.

Scaleway Stardust instances (https://www.scaleway.com/en/stardust-instances/) are tiny (1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 100 Mbps bandwidth) and super cheap (€ /month) virtual private servers. Accounts are limited to creating 1 instance each in Scaleway's Paris and Amsterdam datacenters. (So 2 in total.)

They are perpetually out of stock if you configure them via the Scaleway Cloud Console - but I've always been able to create them via the CLI.

Setting up Microblog.pub was pretty easy - I run it in Docker on a Scaleway Stardust instance. It's not as simple as running Wordpress on a shared webhost, but definitely easier than setting up your own Mastodon or Pleroma instance. (I've tried both.)